April 03, 2011

Blogs for $50 pesos

Blogs for $ 50 pesos: Guys, for those who want to blog and want a personal touch, I have the service of creating and designing blogs. And at an excellent price, only $ 50 pesos.

For more information, here are my data to locate me.

Some blogs I've done and others that are in the process:

  • This promotion is for intermediate students of English 105 (8am to 1pm Saturdays), the Universidad Veracruzana, Coatzacoalcos. If someone outside the group IINT 105 the cost changes.
  • Sites that offer for this site: wordpress and blog.com. Blogger is down for the moment.
  • If you already have a blog and just want to customize, so I do, money to be treated.
  • The design blogs as portfolios are presented as examples of what I do (for the moment I can not perform them in blogger.com, sorry)
  • The advisory lasts an hour, explained in a simple way for them to use.

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